Joe's attention to detail and great communication are the things that make him an amazing attorney. I refer everyone I know to him because of his excellent work ethic and ability to get the most compensation for his clients. He is always available when I need him and makes me feel like I'm his number one client!
- Posted by Johanna, a Car Accident client

I would recommend Joe Dell in a heartbeat. He is not only a great attorney but a good person. He tells it from the heart and keeps me informed of all that is happening with our case. I would not want anyone else on our side. Thanks Joe again for all your hard work along with your staff.
- Posted by TShuck, a Personal Injury client

I was lucky enough to stumble upon Joesph Dell when my first attorney decided to stop doing personal injury cases and I thank God that it happened that way. From the moment he received my case he called me immediately and has kept me up to date and informed about everything happening. No matter how busy he is if I call him, he gets back to me the same day and on most days it's within minutes and is willing and ready to answer any and all of my questions. He knows exactly who I am and knows exactly what is going on with my case. I have even text messaged him a question and he knows who I am and answers my question. He is also helping me and my Aunt on a neglectful nursing home accident. He is always pleasant and always makes me feel calm and confident. I highly recommend him to anybody who is looking for an attorney in his areas of expertise. He treats you like a friend and a real person and whenever I say I'm sorry to bother you.... He always says its no problem I work for you and that is the person I want representing me and my family. Thank you Joe!
- Posted by Lori, a Personal Injury client

Joe is a great attorney. He always is there for any questions or concerns we have. He has helped me obtain funding for the times spent out of work and he even came and spent time with me when I was in the hospital. I've known Joe for 10 years and if you want a no nonsense attorney who will get the job done then Joe is the man.
- Posted by Tommy B., a Slip and Fall client

Attorney Dell and his tireless staff are professional people whom you can turn to with confidence. From personal and family experience, The Dell Team is most sympathetic to their clients' every need and will fight extremely hard in your behalf. I recommend this legal firm wholeheartedly.
- Posted by a Personal Injury client

Joe represented my husband and I in a personal injury case and we couldn't have asked for more personal attention. He was always available to us on his cell phone and returned our calls within the same day. He answered all of our questions and prepared us totally for trial when the time came. We were in court for three weeks and he gave us his undecided attention. He was brilliant in court and we won our case. He truly treated us like family! We highly recommend him to all of our friends or anybody that needs a professional attorney with a warm, personal touch!
- Posted by bmasturzo, a Personal Injury client

Went to see Mr. Dell after my last attorney didn't call me back for over two weeks. The first thing he did was give me his cell phone number. If I have any questions at all he calls back that day no matter what. We have a case against a big company and it can be quite intimidating at times but Joe puts our minds at ease every time. I can and often do recommend Joe to many people, in fact I would only recommend Mr Joe Dell. Great man and great firm.
- Posted by Pat, a Personal Injury client

I want to start by saying thank you Joe for being the best lawyer anyone could have, and thank you for always being there and treating me like family. Mr Dell is a very busy man but if you call him he will get back to you. Joe Dell is not only a great and very knowledgeable lawyer he is also a great person who is always there to help. There is no better lawyer out there. Joe is one of those guys who treat you like a person not just a money maker for him. To sum it up, if you want the best lawyer who you can feel comfortable with and can feel good with your future in he's hands Joseph Dell is the lawyer for you.
- Posted by Bill A, a Personal Injury client

I hired Joe Dell 3 years ago. I was injured on my job and very nervous and scared of which way to turn. When I met Joe I was immediately put at ease. Joe is always there for questions and advice. I feel totally comfortable. And stress free knowing I have Joe Dell on my side. He is not just my lawyer he is part of our family. I can't find any negative things to say about Joe and it also shows in the respect of his whole staff. Thank you Joe for all you do.
- Posted by Bill, a Personal Injury client" "Best By Far"

Joe Dell is the best by far lawyer I have ever dealt with. He became part of my family he represented me on a case that made me disabled and unable to ever to work. That case was won with life changing results. He is now representing my wife in a malpractice case and is moving along well. I have recommend all my family members, friends & brother Veterans to Joe all with the best results. I hold Joe Dell in the highest regard the Absolute Best! Thank You
- Posted by Joe, a Personal Injury client

Joe and his firm represented my mom for her car accident. From the first day to the last Joe and his firm were on top of everything involved in the case. His business card even has his cell phone number on it. He returned every call even on the weekends. Thanks Joe on behalf of my mom and family!
- Posted by a Personal Injury client

I came to Joe with a potential personal injury case around 3 years ago. The moment I stepped in the door, Joe welcomed me with a big smile and a great attitude. He methodically explained to me the steps I had to take to move forward with my case. His honest, straight forward and delivered on all of his promises. Whenever I needed to get in touch with him, he would return all of my phone calls and emails. In the end, my case settled for a very fair amount and overall I have to say it was due to the hard work and dedication Joe put into my case. Would recommend his services to anyone with a potential P.I. case. Thanks again Joe!! You rock!!!
- Posted by a Personal Injury client

Joseph Gerard Dell is the best lawyer in the world. I had a personal injury and was recommend by a friend to see Joseph, when I met him, he took me under his wings and made me feel so comfortable during the pain and he ease my worries about my financial issues. I had to have surgery Joseph recommended the best doctors in Suffolk County, Joseph the doctors, nurses treated me like family. Anytime I call Joe he gets right back to you in a matter of hours. This man is awesome and amazing I would highly recommend Joseph Gerard Dell for a lawyer. He is very a very caring and a good fighter when it comes to your case. Very supported lawyer.
- Posted by Bernadette Clay, a Personal Injury client

Mr. Dell is my hero. He helped me win my case from a trip and fall. I had many surgeries and complications, but Joe did his due diligence all the way through. He made me feel 100% confident and it took time to settle this complicated case. He prepared me for trial, and great fully it didn't come to that. Have no doubts about Joe Dell. In the end he's all you'll ever need.
- Posted by Vicki H, a Construction client

Joseph Dell is an over the top excellent attorney. He has represented my interests several times, and has been successful every time. His attentiveness to my needs we're excellent. I have recommended him to many of my friends and family and they were all satisfied. I have felt like I was part of his family by the way he and his firm has treated me and my wife. Thank you Joseph Dell for all you have done for me. If it was not for you I would have lost all I have.
- Posted by Joseph F., a Car Accident client

Joe was great. He handled everything perfect for me from beginning to end. I found him to be trustworthy and reliable. I would recommend him anytime. He is a Awesome attorney.
- Posted by a Car Accident client

I was in a very serious accident and Mr. Dell helped me through this horrific ordeal every step of the way. I required many surgeries and on my last surgery which was extremely serious as it dealt with my spine, Mr.Dell sent a gift basket to show his concern for a positive outcome. This is the kind of concern I believe anyone would want as well as knowing that their attorney is understanding about what they are going through. It is great to know that the attorney working on your behalf actually cares about the outcome of a very serious surgery and how you are feeling. Another time I ended up in the hospital because of an emergency. Mr. Dell was very informed about what was happening and put my mind at ease as he had clients that had previously gone through the same thing and knew exactly what was happening as it was related to my surgery. He still treated me as an individual and made sure that I understood all that was happening.

Mr. Dell is passionate and loves what he does. It is this passion that a person can trust in. He knows the law and exactly what needs to be done. I have never heard him say I need to find out more information on this topic or I'll get back to you. He is always very responsive and made sure I knew exactly what would be happening. Mr. Dell through his staff made sure that I was prepared and informed in a timely manner as to all the doctors I had to attend as well as any other meetings where my presence may have been needed. I am happy with the decision I made in having Mr. Dell represent me. He is always available to his clients and will tell you to keep him informed about any changes and he means it. He is articulate, extremely intelligent and is the type of attorney I needed to represent me. At that time I had to rely on someone else to think and speak on my behalf. Therefore, I wanted someone I could trust to represent me in the best possible way. This was Mr. Joseph Gerard Dell. I have and would recommend him as a lawyer to anyone in need of his services. With all Sincerity your Client...
- Posted by a Car Accident client

Mr. Dell is trusted and respected by me, and I set very high standards for a person that is handling a case for me . He is also a down to earth person that has no need to dance you around or fill you with all sorts of ideas or false hopes, he is extremely knowledgeable and well versed in his duty's he is trustworthy and a straight shooter and I would recommend him to others. Thank you Mr Dell for this opportunity to have you handle my case. Richard
- Posted by Richard, a Slip and Fall client

I went through 3 horrible attorneys before meeting and working with Mr. Dell. He was dedicated, eased my worries and fought hard for me. He actually cared to get me the justice I deserved for my injuries. A kind soul with a soothing spirit.
- Posted by a Personal Injury client

Joe Dell represented my family in the accident that killed my husband on a New York City construction site. My husband was a local 608 carpenter and he was crushed when the I Beam he was working on broke away and ended up crushing him. He died an hour later as I was racing to get to him from Suffolk County. Joe came highly recommended and he personally handled the case thru trial and our settlement of close to ten million dollars.
- Posted by Barbara, a Personal Injury client

My accident was on a construction site and my injuries prevented me from ever going back to work as a roofer. Joe represented me from the beginning and gave me his cell number and would always return my calls. He settled my case after winning a liability verdict and the annuities that got set up pay me every month for life. I also was able to use the up front cash to buy a home without a mortgage and a new car.
- Posted by Ronnie, a Personal Injury client

Joe represented me from the first week after my accident all the way through trial and our verdict.

- Posted by Thomas, a Personal Injury client

Joe, on behalf of me and mom we want to say you and your staff is outstanding and you are outstanding in every way possible. Joe we are so grateful to have you as my lawyer. Joe you are now part of our family. Joe, we've been through thick and thin together and you have always been there for us and we know you always will. Joe, you have a heart as big as gold and we cherish you dearly; you are a God send person. Joe, you are the best you fight to get it done and your clients are your number one to you and you treat every one like family. Joe, how many years we know each other we lost count but let it be many more. Thanks Joe for everything you did for mom and I. We greatly appreciate it.

- Posted by Ann and Stephanie

We have known Joe Dell for almost 20 years. He has become not just our attorney, but a friend. What sets Joe apart from other attorneys is his sincerity and dedication to his clients. He speaks in layman's terms and explains exactly what is going on and makes sure you understand each and every step of the process. He is real! He cares! We have recommended him to many people over the years and each person has agreed he is by far the best attorney they could ever have hoped for. Joe respects his clients immensely. If you call him he will ALWAYS return your call and never makes you feel like you are taking up his time. My husband and I feel extremely comfortable knowing we can call for any legal guidance we need. He always knows how & where to direct us and for that he is priceless. Anyone seeking his services should look no further. He is a class act!
- Posted by Mary and Tom

That offer is beyond generous. In a world that is being plagued more and more by negativity and self-centered behaviors, I am so inspired by the work Dell and Dean are doing and also your genuine beliefs for standing up for what is right. It's people like the Dell and Dean firm and the individuals walking this journey that gives me hope and keeps me moving forward in my own mission. Thank you again! :-)
- Posted by Lacey

Joe was a true professional from the first day I met him. He fully guided me through the process, explaining in detail what was taking place throughout the suit leaving no stone unturned. He knew what I endured and assured me that things would be okay, make no mistake lawsuits do not get settled overnight. That being said that is why I highly recommend Joe because he communicates with you and makes you feel that you get treated fairly, and get what you rightfully deserve. He truly cares about his clients.
- Posted by Thomas