Could having a rude surgeon make for a riskier surgery?

Everyone wants to be treated with respect. So, it can be quite disquieting for a person to experience rudeness from a professional they are entrusting with something important. Sometimes, people encounter such rudeness in relation to their medical care.

This could include rudeness from a surgeon. A recent study suggests such behavior by surgeons could have effects that go far beyond hurting the feelings of or upsetting a patient. The study raises the possibility that rude surgeons could present patient safety risks.

The study reviewed data regarding surgical procedures at seven medical centers. Among the things the study looked at in this data were complication rates and how many complaints the surgeons who performed the procedures received regarding things like being rude to patients or others.

From this analysis, the researchers found that a patient’s likelihood of suffering post-surgery problems was generally 14 percent higher if their surgeon had received 14 or more complaints over the preceding 2-year period.

Why might a surgeon being rude impact the likelihood of surgical complications occurring? The study’s lead author noted that rude behavior by a surgeon might: be indicative of poor training, seep into their conduct towards colleagues during a procedure or make it so top-quality colleagues don’t want to work with them. Any of these things could pose problems when it comes to surgical procedures.

So, rudeness by a surgeon may not be something simply to ignore. Rather, patients may want to promptly report it to the hospital when they encounter such behavior.

This discussion also underscores that a lot of different things can have impacts on what happens during a surgery. This can make pinning down the root causes of harm a patient suffered in connection to a surgery difficult. Skilled medical malpractice lawyers understand the challenges that can come up on this front and help patients who suffered surgical harm with getting to the bottom of what happened during their surgery and whether any surgical negligence was present.

Source: CBS News, “Rude surgeons may put patients at risk, study finds,” Feb. 15, 2017

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