Products liability and defective medications

As medical technology and research advances, patients have more effective and efficient treatment options at their disposal. However, in a rush to get their products to market, many healthcare-related companies make errors in either researching their products or packaging them. When dangerous medications are given to the trusting public, innocent individuals can be seriously harmed. They can be left permanently disabled, with a worsened medical condition, or, in the worst cases, dead.

Many drug manufacturers try to pull their products from the market before this happens. This typically occurs when one of three things occurs. First, a recall may be issued if additional studies of a medication indicate that the drug poses health risks. For example, it has been discovered that some medications, when taken over a period of time, can increase the risk of stroke and heart attack. A recall may also be issued if the FDA and/or drug manufacturer discovers negative drug interactions that were previously unknown. Lastly, a drug may be recalled if its packaging is defective. This may include misleading dosage instructions or the lack of proper labeling with regard to safety and side effects.

One would think that these issues would be resolved prior to a medication being released to the public, but that is not always the case. One need only look at the massive lawsuits involving Yaz, Xarelto, and other popular drugs. Any harm caused by marketed medications is unacceptable, and those harmed by defective medication should consider taking legal action to recover their damages.

Pursuing a products liability lawsuit is often complicated, though, as these companies usually put up an aggressive fight. They dip into their extensive resources to protect themselves, which means victims need to be prepared to convince a judge and jury that they are deserving of recovering the compensation they seek. To learn more about how to pursue one of these lawsuits, product liability victims may want to speak with a qualified legal professional.

Source: FindLaw, "Why Drugs Get Pulled from the Market," accessed on May 13, 2017

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