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Report: Defective medical devices cost U.S. $1.5 billion

The advancement of technology in medical devices has improved the lives of millions of Americans. Many would almost certainly not be alive today without pacemakers, cardio defibrillators and other devices meant to keep the heartbeat steady. However, when a person's life depends on the proper function of a machine, any defect in the device can have catastrophic consequences.

Injured by a recalled product? We can help

A previous post on this blog clarified that while product recalls can mean a Long Island resident will be able to get a refund or repaired or replaced product, it does not mean that the manufacturer of the product is agreeing to pay compensation for damages. A person injured a by a defective product, whether subject to a recall or not, is on his or her own to get compensation for any medical bills, lost wages and other damages.

Clearing up misconceptions about product recalls

Product recalls often make the news here in Garden City and through Long Island and the entire metropolitan area, particularly when the recall is prompted by the death or a serious of one of the product's consumers. However, New Yorkers may have some misconceptions about how a product recall actually works and what it can and cannot accomplish for an accident victim.

Woman beats drug maker in product liability lawsuit

All consumers expect the products they use to be safe for their intended purposes. A car should be able to be driven without fear that a defective airbag will suddenly and unexpectedly explode, a child's crib should allow a child to sleep without his or her parents fearing that the child will get stuck in the railing, and frozen foods should be eaten without concern that they are contaminated with life-threatening bacteria. Although federal regulations seek to keep consumers safe from these dangerous products, the sad truth of the matter is that far too many of these products make it to market, putting many consumers at risk of serious harm.

Products liability and defective medications

As medical technology and research advances, patients have more effective and efficient treatment options at their disposal. However, in a rush to get their products to market, many healthcare-related companies make errors in either researching their products or packaging them. When dangerous medications are given to the trusting public, innocent individuals can be seriously harmed. They can be left permanently disabled, with a worsened medical condition, or, in the worst cases, dead.

What gives rise to a product liability claim?

Consumers expect the products they buy to be safe for their intended use. Lawmakers think this should be the case, too, which is why product liability laws can be found in every state. In essence, product liability occurs when a manufacturer or seller causes an individual harm by providing the victim with a defective product. Those who suffer injuries from defective products, which can range from food items to cars and toys, can be left with serious damages. Victims may struggle to pay their medical expenses, they may experience lost wages, and they might have to cope with extensive pain and suffering.

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